Donate Goods

We welcome donations of goods from both individuals and from businesses. We would ask that goods are undamaged and of good quality. Donating your goods will directly help us care for the needy.

What we want you to donate

Furniture (Please note that mattresses, chairs and sofas should all have a fire label attached with the British Standards code – BS 7177)
Clothing and footwear, handbags and belts
Soft furnishings (bedding, curtains etc)
Food (tins and packets with use by date of at least six months)
CDs, DVD’s, Books and Mobile Phones
We also accept some medical goods, but please contact us beforehand.

In some areas we may be able to take prams and bicycles – contact your local depot for clarification.

Even if you have something very unusual to donate, please give us a call and if we can accept it and make use of it we will do so.

Please note that we do not accept TVs or fridges.

What happens to the items you donate?

They are either

  • Sold in Blythswood charity shops in the UK and Romania
  • Sent as aid to those in need
  • Sold on and shipped to Europe and Africa
  • Blythswood reuse and recycle 97% of your donated items

What you make happen with your donations

  • In 2012, Highland Foodbank helped 3440 people
  • Blythswood employs over 90 people in the Highlands
  • For each bag of clothing you donate, Blythswood clothes two people in need.